Why LMS?

Why Libertyville Montessori School?

We meet the needs to each child, day, making learning fun!


  • Libertyville Montessori has been continuously operating since 1964 and, thus, has the distinct advantage of unmatched experience at the pre-school, kindergarten, and elementary level of education.


  • Libertyville Montessori School offers children an opportunity to develop educational, social, physical, mental, and emotional capabilities at their own speeds in a non-competitive atmosphere.


  • Montessori learning involves the use of many concrete materials designed to test understanding, which fosters independent learning and makes the process enjoyable and fun for the student.


  • Within the Libertyville Montessori School classroom, there is a mixture of children ages 2 ½ through 9 years old. The mixed age group allows the older child to become a role model for the younger child, igniting the learning process.  The older child becomes a leader and helper for the younger child, thus builds positive self-esteem and self-confidence.


  • What sets Libertyville Montessori School apart from conventional Montessori schools is the fact that LMS has created a balanced blend of both Montessori principles with traditional educational philosophies.


  • Most importantly, Libertyville Montessori School students receive a well-balanced school experience, which enables them to easily transition to their next educational environment, regardless of what it may be.