Communication:  An on-going line of communication must exist between the parent and the faculty of Libertyville Montessori School.  Various occurrences in the family may be jotted down in a short note to the Directress.  The general development of the child, as well as problems and difficulties, if they exist, may be discussed personally.  Do not ever hesitate to place a call to speak with the Directress or the Director of school.We have an open door policy, and parents are always welcome, as well as encouraged to come into the classroom.


Parent Orientation Meeting:  As a Libertyville Montessori School parent of an LMS student, you would be asked to attend a Parent Orientation meeting in August before the start of the regular academic school term.  Parents new to Libertyville Montessori School should make an effort to attend this meeting.  The date of the meeting is announced in a letter in late spring or early summer.


Parent/Teacher Conferences:  LMS parents are asked to participate in parent-teacher conferences, which are held twice each year – early November and late April.  The November conferences are mandatory and the April conference is on an optional basis.


Parent/Child Night:  As a Libertyville Montessori School parent of an LMS student, you would be asked to attend parent/child night.  This is an evening of fun and learning brought to you by your very own children!  They will show you what a typical day looks like in a Montessori Class, by showing you all the “works” they have been working on all year long.  This is a great time for you to spend with your child as well as see how the classroom operates.  The evening will end with a line activity.


Parent Observation:  It is highly recommended that at least once during the school year parents reserve a time to come in to observe their child in the classroom setting.  Observing your child “in action” is a wonderful way to see what he has been doing and to become acquainted with his classmates.  It is a rewarding experience for both the parent and the student.  An appointment needs to be scheduled in advance to avoid multiple visitors or extracurricular activities.


Parent Provided Snack:  Once or twice each year, Libertyville Montessori School parents are asked to supply snack and food preparation for the entire class for one week.  You will be contacted via a snack list about specific dates.  Please send enough snack for about 20 children – that leaves extra for any “accidents” that may occur.  Individually wrapped and peanut free snacks are appreciated.


Student of the Week:  Each child will be given a week for them to be “Student of the Week”.  You and your child make a poster of pictures, family, friends, interest, etc. at home to bring in the week of your “Student of the Week”.  During your child’s week, children are welcome to bring things from home to share with the class and parents are encouraged to come into the classroom, but not required, and share something with the class, such as, reading books, art project, science project, cooking, a special hobby or interest, etc.  The goal is for each and every child to feel special and for the parents to be involved with their child’s education.


School Concerts:  Two concerts are held throughout the year – Holiday concert (Dec.) and Spring/Graduation concert (late April/early May).  Everyone is encouraged to attend both.  Graduation concert will acknowledge graduates that will be moving up to Kindergarten, 1st, and 4th grade.


Class Parties:  We have 5 parties throughout the year- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday, Valentine’s Day, and Spring party.  A sign-up sheet will be hung on the parent bulletin board for needed supplies.  Parents are always welcome to attend.  Just be aware:  we will put you to work!


End of year picnic/party:  The last day of school is the family picnic/party where friends and family are invited to attend.  There is no school this day, but rather we meet at a local park, let the children play, and have a special lunch.  (There is an extra charge for this activity)