Libertyville Montessori School admits pre-school, kindergarten, and elementary children of any race, color, and natural or ethnic origin.

  • Family Discount: Families receive a discount when two or more children are enrolled simultaneously for the academic year.


  • Parent Referral Program: Parents of enrolled students receive $100 off their total tuition for every new student they refer.  When you refer a student and he enrolls, you will receive $100 off your last month tuition payment, as long as both students are still currently enrolled.  THERE IS NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF REFERRALS!


  • Payment Form: Libertyville Montessori School accepts payment in the form of check or cash.


  • Returned checks: Checks returned due to insufficient funds incur a $25 bookkeeping charge, plus bank charges to the school, if any.


  • Tuition Payment Late Charge: A $25 late fee will be automatically assessed on tuition payments six(6) days past the due date, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.