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Libertyville Montessori School
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"Libertyville Montessori School has provided my children with a wonderful educational experience. Both of my children learned to read before kindergarten because of the fabulous staff at LMS. Not only did LMS teach my children the academic skills they needed to be successful, but they also taught them to be responsible, independent students. The staff at Libertyville Montessori teaches to the whole child and models pro-social skills as well. LMS has been a great complement to the Dual Language program at Hawthorn.

My children will cherish the memories made at LMS!" – Nickie Bellini

"I sent all three of my children to LMS.  The program is hands down the best gift I have ever given my kids.  My youngest is going into kindergarten reading and writing but most importantly, she has a confidence about her that she would not have acquired without the incredible teachers at LMS.
My children continue to excel from grade to grade.  I know their easy transitions are due primarily to this outstanding program.

Big things happen inside this little red schoolhouse!!!"  - Kim Davis

"In looking for a preschool, I had my list of "musts" and my list of "hopes," doubting that any preschool could really fulfill all my hopes.  Yet Libertyville Montessori School has far exceeded ALL hopes I had.

My daughter had a year of preschool elsewhere before she entered LMS incredibly shy, greatly lacking in self-confidence, and hesitant and frightened of nearly everyone and everything.  Mrs. Tucker and the rest of the LMS staff not only took in my daughter as a student, but they enveloped her into their preschool family and, for the first time in her preschool career, my daughter's smart and creative sides outshone her uncertainty of the world.  The school provided a safe, nurturing place where she not only greatly improved her academic skills, but she also felt free to explore who she is and to express herself.  The teachers at LMS have gone far beyond teaching my daughter the typical preschool curriculum of the alphabet and numbers -- they have guided and encouraged her social skills and her blossoming independence.

Mrs. Tucker also gave my daughter the invaluable key to the world of reading - she provided her a strong pre-literacy foundation and gradually guided her into reading and, before I knew it, my five year old was reading entire books all on her own.  And her math knowledge far exceeds her peers who attend other preschools.

It is impossible for me to give LMS too high of praise.  Every parent hopes to find a preschool that appropriately challenges a child academically while caring for, guiding, and developing that child's precious self, and we've found just that at Libertyville Montessori School." – Elizabeth Kurkowski

"My daughter has been a student at LMS for the past two years. Teachers are truly devoted and supremely dedicated to concept of each child develops and flourishes at their own pace.

The curriculum is hands on learning with reinforcement for writing to make sure child learns how to sequence things. I have personally seen my daughter being nurtured like a little plant through various lessons in subjects like English Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography and general education like cleaning, pouring, measuring.

They make immense efforts in making sure that each child's learning pattern is crafted according to their level, making sure the child masters that level before they bring them to the challenge zone.

Afternoon classes are wonderful enrichment for kids who truly want to be challenged because the teachers incorporate learning material in different areas with practical projects. Parents of kindergartners should sincerely consider supplementing the public school curriculum with the LMS enrichment program.

The teachers keep parents updated with their plans and work with parents to make sure that children are progressing well. Any preschooler coming out of LMS going into kindergarten is almost at a first grade level reading and math.

I wish they had school till second grade and not stop at kindergarten because what I see is they develop children not just for academics but for values in life too!" – Janisha Shah

"Libertyville Montessori School (LMS) was the highlight of our son's year; he learned so much and became such an independent and confident child that we wish we would have discovered this wonderful school sooner.  We loved watching his math and reading skills soar throughout the year and remember that wonderful day when he came home from school and read to us so fluidly - it seemed to happen overnight but was the result of his LMS teachers' caring and consistent work with him.

In addition to the strong academics at LMS, he enjoyed his time there so much, that he asked to be able to join the After School Club, where he had the chance to engage in creative free-play time with his friends, under the guidance of his wonderful teachers.

We recommend Libertyville Montessori School highly!" - The Ashe Family

"We love Libertyville Montessori School!  Our son loves it too!  The teachers have done an amazing job of getting our son to participate & learn at a rapid pace – reading, writing, math, geography, science, etc.  They do a great job of integrating the Montessori concepts with the real world, especially knowing that most children will transition to public school.  Our son also loves their huge playground and show-n-tell time.  Our only regret is not trying it sooner." – H. Jones

"My daughter, Adelynn, has been attending Libertyville Montessori since she was 3 years old. It has been such a great experience seeing how the teachers have taught my child her numbers, to learning how to read!! She has learned how to socialize and be confident in expressing how she feels at a really young age! It has been just great to see that the staff has taught her how to be independent!!

It's been a peaceful feeling that I can leave my child a full day at school and not be worried. Now that she's 5 years old, I look back and see how she has grown at Libertyville Montessori and how much the staff has taught her.  I know now I made the right school choice for my child! Libertyville Montessori has become part of our family!! You guys are truly BEST!"  - Becky Mendoza

"Libertyville Montessori gave my son the foundation to strengthen himself physically and emotionally during the transition years from little boy to kindergartener.  This school is truly a magical place and I cannot give it a higher recommendation." – Krisha Vaswani



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