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Libertyville Montessori School
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» What is Montessori? Does it have any religious affiliation?
  Montessori is a philosophy of teaching developed by Maria Montessori in the early 1900’s. It has absolutely no religious affiliation.

The Montessori philosophy allows the child to progress at his own personal pace. It teaches respect for children as individuals.
» Is the child free to do whatever he wants?
  In the Libertyville Montessori classroom, the child has the opportunity to choose his own lessons and also learns to follow a teacher’s direction and choice as well. There is a balance of structure and freedom within the classroom.
» Is Montessori for all children?
  The Montessori system has been used successfully with children between the ages of 2 ½ and 18 from all socio-economical levels. Because of it’s individual approach, it is uniquely suited to public education, where children of many backgrounds are grouped together. It is also appropriate for classes in which the student teacher ratio is high because children learn at an early age to work independently.
» What happens when a child goes from a Montessori classroom to a traditional classroom?
  Most children adjust readily to new classroom situations. In all likelihood this is because they have developed self-discipline and independence in the Montessori environment. Students with an LMS background have both strong academic and social skills, which makes for a smooth transition.
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